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Hi,i’m Wong, just wan to share some wonderful experience with you all. Hopefully can inspire u in the future and glad to share this experience to you.

Last Wednesday in the morning at 930am, I was attended an interview at Cyberjaya which company is name HolidayCity (, one of the leading online hotel accommodation reservation service company. The company at Cyberjaya is the branch which host from Singapore by Mr Lee Lai Huat CEO of Holidaycity.

During the interview, I meet the HR executive and the business development officer which is the person interview me. From the first ever interview in my life, for sure I’m very nervous at the interview time but what I got is more than what I expected . From the interview , I can give u some tip and advise whenever u attend an interview in the future.

Here some tips:

Before interview- prepare, prepare and prepare

You need to know everything about the company that u will interview. Try to find as much as information regarding the company, and you must know which position u taking, try to find the responsibility and know how to use your knowledge and intelligence to analyze the company that you interview.

2. wearing smart

No need to explain more, MUST HAVE!

3.try to adopt the new environment

Find out the location that the officer ask for interview, look around the nearby company so you can easy go to the location or even know where you want to stay at.

During interview

1. show your manner

REMEMBER say a simple words such as good morning , thanks you etc.

2 . show your confidence, DON’T NERVOUS

What interviewer see on you is how are you gonna to convince he or she, be prepare and most important is using what you have learn or past experience apply in your interview so that you will get easy in your interview.

After interview

1. acknowledgment

remember after the interview, whenever you been hire or not, send an acknowledgement to the interviewer. Even an simple e-mail say that “Thanks to interview me”, is enough for you or the interview

Hopefully, it will give you some motivation to you before doing an interview. J